External Antenna/Rubplates

The Quantum antennas are external accessory antenna/rubplates of my own design. They incorporate elements of sacred geometry, principals of tensor rings, precious metals, beeswax, and both exotic and mundane materials that combine to form a potent antenna unlike any other. Known for allowing a stronger stick response in some users, and a warm feel that accompanies a stronger broadcast. One user even hears singing when touching hers. Both the Quantum Light and Quantum Sun generate powerful subtle energy fields while they lower broadcast time and increase the broadcast intensity, making a big difference in radionic work. They have male banana plugs on long leads as well as female banana jacks to connect to your radionic instrument and chain with other external accessory antennas or potentizers or the KRT Replicator.
The Quantum Light is the basic model and was developed first, while the Quantum Sun is a more powerful version.

For questions or to order please see the contact page.

I wrote more about the nature and characteristics of radionic antennas on the “Radionic Thoughts” page of this site.

Quantum Light: $300

Quantum Sun: $400

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