Rates And Worksheets

These are rates and worksheets I have developed.  New rates and sheets will be added occasionally.

*Photobiology, Mineral, Chemtrail and Morgellons worksheets recently updated*

Chemtrail Worksheet pdf

Morgellons worksheet pdf

Mineral Worksheet pdf

Vitamin Worksheet pdf

Brain Chemical Worksheet

Hormone Worksheet pdf

Earth Energy Worksheet pdf

Photobiology Worksheet 1

EMF Worksheet

Subtle/Auric Body Worksheet pdf

Black Magic Worksheet                         Updated worksheet. Errors fixed.

Radioactivity Worksheet                           

canine-health-worksheet                           New worksheet

These are the rates for the notes from my presentation at Rapid City 2018:

Factor 9 tuning rates

These rates came from some research I am doing on sunlight and photobiology.

Under-illumination:   83.50-34.00     The lack of the proper amount of sunlight or healthy full spectrum light.

Mal-illumination:        52.50-66.50     Effects from exposure to unhealthy light. (There are several kinds).

Blue light toxicity:       74.50-01.75       Effects of the blue light from phones and computers.

These three conditions can be reversed by exposure to sunlight for sufficient time while being outside. DO NOT WEAR SUNGLASSES!  They are BAD for your eyes. Wear a wide brimmed hat to shade your eyes. You can also close your eyes and let the light come through your eyelids.  Sunlight needs to come directly into your eyes unfiltered by glass or plastic.

Light, near infrared:           90.00-79.00

Light, infrared:                    62.00-67.50

Light, far infrared:              88.50-20.50

Light, ultraviolet A:            74.50-11.00

Light, ultraviolet B:            91.50-99.00

Light, ultraviolet C:             05.50-12.00

Cells, mitochondria:           87.00-21.00

Coherent light (As per Dr. Klinghardt)

89.75-19.25        2 bank rate       For analysis and balancing.                                                   80.50-47.50

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