Radionic Thoughts



My thoughts on radionics and related subjects.  I like to examine ideas for myself and think them through. I believe this leads to a better understanding. We all need to take the initiative to educate ourselves. These are opinions based on my own experience.  Newer thoughts are at the top.

Read at your own risk.


Keeping the operator in radionics.

The subject of software driven/computerized radionics instruments came up at a radionics class recently, and their merits, or lack thereof was part of that. People have criticized them for not really giving accurate results. Others like their ability to store and run large collections of rates quickly. I have never used one of these instruments personally, but I have seen them and had others run broadcasts on me. I don’t have enough experience with them to judge how effective they are. It seems to me that at least some of them do work, but others may well not be very effective at all. Now while I do think they have their place, I also have a criticism of how people think of them and how they may affect radionics.
There is a common mindset among some people to kind of automate and systemize radionics. And an instrument like these can be used to just run all the time and keep everything balanced so you don’t have to worry about it. People get enamored with all that the software can do. But this leads to a problem in my opinion. This runs the risk of making people lazy and taking them out of the radionic process. The instrument can only do what its software tells it to do. It can’t think, reason, or be creative.  I want to be involved in the process. I want to know what is going on. It’s all well and good for the instrument to keep balancing something that is always a problem, but in that case it isn’t addressing the root cause. If I just let the computer run everything, it doesn’t know and isn’t able to look for the root cause if something always needs balancing. I may not be able to run nearly as many rates nearly as fast, but I can stop and look at what is going on. I can make judgements and be creative. I want to be involved in the process because the computer would just keep doing what it was told and not adapt. In my opinion, if you are looking for a way to not have to do the radionic work and have it done for you, then that seems to me like you are too busy to live your own life. 
I do think these instruments have a place, but that is with doctors or other physicians/practitioners. For everyone else I think you are better off with an analog instrument.

Meta radionics.

     Lately I have been thinking about some of the programs/reagents I make, and how they are different than other pre made reagents and programs in that they don’t directly affect the subject of the broadcast. The typical reagent works something like this. Say you are broadcasting to unblock a chakra. You set the chakra rate on a bank and put the witness of your subject in the well. You dowse for time to balance the chakra. Now if you add a color associated with the chakra it lowers the broadcast time. The reagent has a direct relationship to the field you are balancing, the subject of the broadcast, or the intended outcome. Most pre made reagents and programs of stored rates either work the same, or they are a collection of rates that are designed to balance specific fields or manifest a particular outcome for the subject. But the reagents/programs I’m talking about work differently. They don’t affect the subject or the fields requiring balancing (not directly anyway). They are designed to affect the radionic process itself. For example, the “All Times” program. It causes the broadcast to occur at the most appropriate point or points in time. It affects the broadcast itself in order to achieve better results, which benefit the subject or the intent indirectly. Or, “Get On The Stick”. It simply enhances and clarifies the stick response, making the stick easier to feel. Again, it’s working on part of the radionic process, not the subject or relevant fields.
     As I thought about this difference the term meta radionics came to mind. It’s a perfect description of what is happening here. Meta is used when something refers back to or is about itself, like a book about books. Meta is a Greek prefix meaning “after” or “beyond”, or it can signify “change “or “alteration”. Meta radionics is using radionics to affect and manipulate the radionic process itself.
     Another great example of meta radionics is Pete Radatti’s UTRAN technology. Applying computer science and programming concepts to radionics. He uses reality to program reality. See his book Level 2 Radionics for a more detailed explanation of UTRAN. Pete’s R.O.S.P. program is also meta radionics. It affects the operator, instrument, and workspace.
     So far Pete and I are the only people I know of whose work falls into this area, but there could be others. This might be an arena full of potential for radionics. Possibly a largely unexplored frontier. I’m curious to see what new developments may come out of exploring meta radionics.

Reagent or Program?

So after reading Pete Radattis new book “Level 2 radionics”, where he speaks about his opinion that the potentized complex programs of rates into substrates should be called programs instead of the commonly used term reagents. I was initially of the thought that reagent was as good or better a term, but I have reconsidered and changed my mind. Most are better described as a program, like a computer program in a way. Now all programs are technically reagents, but they are not the same as a color or a vitamin tablet or a symbol. Programs have a specific purpose and construction, just like a computer program or subroutine. So my site is now reflecting this change. Yes, there is some overlap between terms but I think this is the better way to go. If you haven’t read Pete’s book, please do your self a favor and do so.

Pondering Possibilities Part Three.

Lately I keep hearing people ask me about which phase my reagents/programs are made in so they can know which phase to broadcast them in. 
That is not the way to look at it. It doesn’t work like that. I know many people believe that it does, but I am going to respectfully disagree. I’m going to question the status quo like I discussed in Part Two. 
Now I don’t know if base 10, base 44, or other instrument types have the ability to broadcast both “in” or “reverse” phase, so this may apply mainly to Hieronymus instruments. 
Anyway, my reagents /programs are not imprinted in one or the other. The things that are in them are done according to what is appropriate to the need. A simple reagent made from a few rates will likely be all in one or the other phase depending on what they are, but mine and those of my colleagues who also make reagents and programs are not that simple. But the bigger issue is the misundestanding about in phase or reverse phase. Please read my first radionic thought at the bottom of the page, as well as the more recent thought titled “Phase Addendum” for some background if you have not already read them.
The instrument broadcasts in reverse phase in its native state. You need an instrument with a phase switch, or a potentizer or Replicator to broadcast in phase. The instrument does lower negative fields and raises positive ones no matter what you put in the well. It doesn’t matter what phase any reagents were made in. Further, if you can switch the phase to “in” phase, you just dowse to see if this is appropriate, and do so if it is. This is NOT dependanrt on how any reagents are potentized. You do what the stick on the plate says to do. Sometimes it’s better to do it in phase. The broadcast will work as intended. You don’t need to worry so much about the phase of the broadcast. Remember; WE are doing the work. The instrument is a focusing device and an extension and amplification of OUR natural abilities. They do not follow logical, linear rules and ideas. Again, see my first radionic thought at the bottom of this page.
Check this for yourself. You will see. I and others have done this many times. I was taught this at an advanced radionics class. 
For the record, most of the time the broadcast will likely be done properly in reverse phase, as normal for all instruments. But don’t be afraid to do it in phase if the dowsing says so. All you have to do is dowse it. You don’t need to be caught up in the phase. It doesn’t matter the way those folks think it does, and you can prove it to yourself by trying what I am suggesting here.
And if you don’t have a phase switch, don’t worry about it. It isn’t a big deal. 
And, don’t be afarid to question things. Don’t be afraid to engage in critical thinking.


I have seen a trend lately on radionic blogs. And the phenomenon holds true for radionic calls too. People look at the blog, but don’t ask questions or comment or anything. They just look. They don’t participate. and if everyone behaves like that, and most do, then the blog dies and goes away. Lack of participation kills them. Same with calls. If everyone just sits on the call and says nothing, then why is there even a call. Just like the blogs. I have seen calls and blogs just die for lack of participation. It isn’t enough to just vist and not participate. If you like a blog or call, then be part of it. The question you ask or comment you make might be what someone else needs to hear and make a difference for them.

Pondering Possibilities Part Two.

In order to make progress, we need to be able to question existing paradigms and beliefs. We need to ask and observe and test these ideas. I’m not saying to dismiss everything out of hand, just to critically think and look at the world. There are some ideas in radionics that served us in the past, but now, we are more experienced and have a greater understanding of this material and we need to re examine things to make sure our ideas and theories to make sure that they are indeed valid. We will never grow if we do not do this. And we need to do this even if others in our community are hesitant to let go of outdated beliefs. 
I’m going to go into some of these ideas. I don’t mean to step on the toes of those who aren’t ready to look at these concepts differently. And I’m not criticizing those who aren’t ready. I just want open discussion. Now is a good time to do a little spring cleaning in radionics.

Words about witnesses.

This came up during a recent conversation I was involved in. The idea that a photo witness or hair sample or what have you needs to be changed out often because it reflect the subject at the time it was taken and the subject at that time is what you are analyzing, therefore as time goes by you change and the witness becomes less and less accurate.
This is not true. This is a misunderstanding of what the witness is and how it works. A witness is a link to the subject. The witness is “entangled” with the subject in the way two photons are linked together in a quantum mechanics experiment. What affects the witness affects the subject. There is some form of connection. This connection is neither bound nor limited by space or time. As long as the witness is viable, there is a link to the subject at any time. and, as long as it is viable, you can use it to analyze and broadcast. Photos can last for years if properly cared for. Hair can last basically indefinitely if stored well. You are not analyzing or broadcasting to the subject at the time the witness was taken, you are doing it in the present.
Now there is nothing wrong with changing out a witness frequently. It won’t harm anything. I’m just saying that it isn’t needed or required, but checking the condition and viability of a witness from time to time is a good practice.

“Phase” addendum and errata.

In past Radionic Thoughts I wrote about “in phase” and “out of phase”. After a recent conversation I discovered I was using some terms incorrectly relating to this subject. I used the term out of phase to describe what is more accurately 180 degrees out of phase. That is what the phase switch on an instrument does. It reverses the polarity of the signal. The proper term is reverse phase or inverse phase. The term out of phase could mean 180 degrees out, or it could mean 16 degrees out, 237 dgrees out, or 179 degrees out of phase. All three of these examples are out of phase but none are the reverse phase. Only 180 degrees is reverse or inverse phase. I believe that words are important and should be used properly. That is why I go on about radionic instrument instead of radionic machine. And, as some people coming to radionics have an electronics background, they will be confused or critical of the improper usage. So always say reverse or inverse phase in regards to the phase of the broadcast or potency dial, don’t say out of phase.

Pondering Possibilities Part One.

We have come a long way from the electronic reactions of Abrams. Many more innovators followed Albert Abrams and added their insights. Ruth Drown, George de la Warr, David Tansley, Bruce Copen, Malcolm Rae, Marcel Vogel, Peter Kelly, T. Galen Hieronymus, and more. In the beginning radionics was for healing, but later it moved into the realm of agriculture. Now it is used to manifest intent and engineer reality in numerous ways. The concepts of a century ago have grown and changed. We still don’t really understand how it all works and what is happening. We use the term scalar wave, yet we don’t know what that is or even if it really exists (at least the way we think it exists). And yet people do all sorts of “miraculous” things every day. From the early reactions of Abrams, through Ruth Drown into today, how we do radionics is very different from back then. Abrams Oscilloclast used short wave radio frequencies to balance conditions. Today radionics takes several forms and is far more versatile than the scope of the early pioneers. But my point is that it keeps growing, and more possibilities emerge. Think of what radionics might be like in 10 years. 30 years. What will we be doing then? What instruments will we have? What will we have learned? We need to remember to keep moving forward and not get stuck in dogma and doctrine. This is what has crippled science. We have to be willing to accept new knowledge and let go of old paradigms and beliefs if they no longer serve or we discover they aren’t even true. We have to be ok with the possibility that our increased awareness might show us that some of our ideas are not correct after all. Radionics is coming out of a period of stagnation and is now on the verge of a rennaissance of sorts. We have to restructure instruction classes and expand our view and understanding of not just what we do but how we do it. It will not suffice to blindly keep parroting radionics of recent or even not so recent years without keeping an eye on what we are learning and where it could take us.

The Rogers Instrument.

I recently re-aquired the Rogers instrument that was my very first radionics instrument. The quality isn’t as high as Kelly Research Tech, but it is also more affordable. It comes with a potentizer attached. It’s a separate box but is hardwired in. The wells are white PVC. It has two 180 degree banks in the Hieronymus style. There is also a stereo jack hardwired in for audio input. It’s a nice little device. It has two other features that I didn’t understand when I was first learning, and they are a pulser setting, and a phase switch on each bank. The pulser pulses the broadcast at a variable frequency. The frequency is adjusted with the intensity dial. There is no indicator of what the specific frequency is but there is a light that blinks at the pulsed rate. The lowest setting is at zero and the highest at 100 on the dial. The numbers on the dial do not correllate directly to the pulse frequency.  The phase switches are in/reverse. All the instructions say is to generally leave them in the reverse phase position. Good advice. (The first Radionic Thought at the bottom of this page discusses in and reverse phase in more detail). Now I understand the use of these features and that is why I made the effort to get it back from the person I had sold it to. The manufacturer also offered an optional powered antenna booster with a telescopic FM radio antenna and I have one. It plugs in with banana jacks and works with KRT equipment (I tried it). It cut my broadcast time by about 50%. Unfortunatly this instrument is no longer produced. If you find one for sale used somewhere, it is worth looking into.

Thoughts on general vitality.

One of the cornerstones of radionic practice (at least for Hieronymus instrument users) is general vitality. The baseline. It’s what we measure everything else against. For something so important it isn’t always well defined or understood. Some people think of it as a mesure of health, but that isn’t what it is. There is a relationship, but GV is something else. Something more. I think of it as coherence of the system. the higher the GV the more coherent the organism or system is. I like the analogy of a band or orchestra. A lower GV, like the average person would have is like a junior high school band. The instruments are generally in tune and they can play music. But it isn’t difficult to distract them and if somebody plays an odd note, it can throw others off for a few moments. A high GV is like a major orchestra. More instruments and the music is much better. It is harder for them to be distracted and they are far less likely to make a mistake, and even if someone does, it likely won’t distract anyone else and the audience will probably not notice. Now we all have seen the phenomenon where two people may not read the GV the same for a given subject. And then there is how the individual looks at GV. I start reading the dial from zero to 1000. Some read it zero to 100. I do not believe in an upper limit to GV. Some people read GV for everything between zero and 900 or 1000. Some read GV as a percent of optimal. This is why comparing GV between people is largely meaningless. I speak of GV going up or down by a percent of the GV when talking with to others about GV because they can easily translate that to how they read GV. There is no universal scale. Some folks would like to see that for various reasons. But I don’t think that this can be done, and we shouldn’t do it even if we could. There are those who say we need a consistent common scale to get the scientific community on board and respect or accept radionics. It won’t work like that. If we tried that we would begin to slide down the slippery slope of materialism and reductionism. We would end up becoming the scientists and that would kill radionics. That mindset doesn’t allow for the thought processes required for radionics to work. Science needs to open it’s mind. It is suffocating under it’s doctrine and dogma. Others just want us all to be on the same page for convenience. But how we read GV is based on our individual understanding of things. Our own internal conceptions, and those are diferent from person to person.  Everyone reading GV a bit differently is a natural outcome of this. It can be no other way. As long as we understand this, then as long as GV is going up and you are consistent with how you read it, you will be fine. GV is just for the individual to have a benchmark to know where they are and where they are going. What exactly it is is not so important.

Addendum to Radionic analysis of CBD oil.

I should have mentioned this in the original Radionic Thought. This analysis applies to CBD oil from hemp and marijuana. I also analyzed hemp seed oil, which is made from the crushed seeds of hemp, not a few isolated phytochemicals. Hemp seed oil is safe and fine as far as I can tell. I believe this is because CBD oil is an isolate and doesn’t contain all the phytochemicals present in the whole plant together in the natural ratios. So while in my opinion CBD oil isn’t safe to use at all, I see no problem with hemp seed oil or rope or clothing made from hemp fibers. Natural fibers are better than petrochemical based fibers anyway. (I’m talking to you polyester).

Coronavirus: Pandemic or Opportunity?

So while we are on coronavirus lockdown, we should take the time to do the things we say are important to us. Certainly to spend more actual time with family (as least as much as you can stand) or friends. I spend time with my dogs. But it is also an opportunity to catch up on all the radionic projects you don’t normally have time for. Maybe it’s radionic research. Maybe some gardening analysis and balancing. Scan some rates for things there are no rates for. Obviously it is a good time to examine you health and the health of your family. Whatever it is, do it. Now is as good a time as any to do your radionics. You could also read George Kueppers books or Pete Radattis (he has a new one coming any time), or the Don Mattioda how to manual. If you haven’t read them, you should. This is a wierd time and inconvenient to be sure, but it is also an opportunity. Take it.

Creative uses of analysis.

There are a lot of rumors going around right now about things happening behind the scenes while much of the world is confined at home during the COVID-19 “outbreak”. One of these is that the swamp is being drained and arrests are being made of deep state criminals. There are some odd things happening but there is no conclusive proof of these rumors. So I decided to use my instrument and see what I could come up with. I printed out photos of some of the usual suspects. Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates, George W Bush, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Henry Kissenger. I checked their for GV and then checked rates for fear, anxiety, and worry. All of them read very high levels of all three emotions. By high I mean twice their GV or nearly so. Now this does not prove anything, but for these elite deep state 1 percenters to all be experiencing these emotions at this level simultaneously while these conspiracy theories are circulating makes you go hmmmm. Maybe the rumors are true. For comparison, Donald Trump is not experiencing any of these emotions to any significant levels. My point here is that this is an example of how you can use your instrument to get information about a situation that you may be wondering about. You just have to be  creative. I did a similar thing during the election of 2016. In the late afternoon I checked what the emotions of Hillary and Trump would be a little after midnight that night. (remember, we are not bound by space or time in this work). I knew Trump would win 7-8 hours or so before it was announced. It was still up in the air at that point. I was free to ignore the election process as I knew the result.  Analysis is overlooked sometimes.


So there are a few things going on with this phenomenon. Firstly, don’t get caught up in the fear hype being pushed by the media. However serious you think this is, the fear energy will help nothing. Even if you don’t conciously buy into it, the energy can get on you just by tallking to people or watching or listening to the news. Be sure to clear yourself periodically. And then there are a lot of remedies, theories, and conspiracies being passed around. Don’t automatically believe or dismiss these. Use your senses and intuition. Analyze, in your mind and with your instrument. observe and pay attention. And finally, the radionic community, along with others in alternative fields have been doing a lot of work and sharing of information. There is no good reason any of us, our families, or friends should be suffering from this outbreak. We have  too much information, too many abilities, and too much skill to let this get away from us.

Getting in your own way.

A while back I found myself caught in a state of mind where I was really interested in ways to increase the power and effectiveness of my broadcasts. Mirrors under my instrument. Tensor rings around my wells. Orgonite pucks on the table near my instruments. Aligning my instruments with magnetic North, and so on. After a while I realized that I was spending most of my time fidgeting with this and looking for new ways and methods and not much time actually doing the analysis and broadcasting I needed or wanted to be doing. I had to sort of make myself sit down and do the work. These other things I was occupied with didn’t require the amount of time and energy I was puting into them. Then a while later, I was thinking that I really wanted a Cory Coil, but didn’t have the money for it. I (again) became pre-occupied with the idea that I needed this for my work. It would make things so much better. It became a little obsessive. Perhaps because of my earlier experience, I stopped and began to think about what equipment I had and if I was actually fully utilizing it. I realized that I was not fully using what I had at all. So I began to reorganize and re think what I was doing and moved to remedy this situation. After doing this and becoming aware of what I could now do and how I had been shortchanging myself, it occured to me that I could build my own antenna and that would make a difference. Once I decided to do this, I began to “see” in my mind how to build it and hear instructions in my mind about what to do. I went with it. Eventually I ended up with my Quantum Light antenna. There was two interesting things about this. One, my antenna was a lot more powerful than I thought it would be. Two, I began to sell them and ended up being able to afford my Cory Coil. More recently, I have found myself working on reagents for myself, and putting together rates and sheets for projects I have in mind. I also have been engaged in research projects but not doing anything with the results.  And again, I find that I am spending more time doing these things and not actually doing the projects I need to be doing. It’s kind of frustrating. Again, I have to remind myself that I need to get down to the actual work if it is ever going to get done. It is much easier to do this now because of my previous experience, but it is a little funny that this thing keeps popping up. I get distracted by good intentions and ideas. So I guess the moral of my story is that before you get too excited or concerned about dark spiritual forces interfering with you and your work, stop and take a look too see where you are getting in your own way,  like I had been doing to myself. And on a secondary note, like what happened to me with my antenna, if you set out to do something, the universe will conspire to help you. You just have to look and listen.

A radionic analysis of CBD oil and its effects on energy work.

CBD oil is a topic of discussion lately. I made an analysis of it to see if the claims for healing were true. It was apparent early on that it indeed does have healing properties. However upon further analysis I found it to have certain energetic side effects that are undesireable. To be clear, I was using oil from organically grown GMO free plants and I checked myself to make sure this was true. I tested oil from both marijuana and hemp. Using or even touching the oil gives a person a VERY large case of negative polarity. So bad that homeopathic remedies and radionically potentized remedies will not work well or at all. These effects of high negative polarity have been shown by other radionic researchers. On a side note, classical homeopaths advise patients to avoid marijuana as it antidotes the remedies. The phenomenon I have noticed here is possibly the mechanism for this. Anyway,  it also lowers the readings on white light, DNA, and emotional stability, among other fields. And I mean it lowers these fields A LOT. So, from the perspective of energy workers, I recommend that you do not use CBD oil at all. The benefits of homeopathy and radioncs far outweigh any benefits of the oil. It’s up to you, I’m providing the information for you to make a choice. The essential oil of Copaiba is being researched by scientists and seems to have all the benefits of CBD. I have checked the Copaiba oil and found no detrimental effects. It is also a fraction of the price of CBD and is legal everywhere. Other radionic practitioners have since verified my findings on the CBD oil. If you wish to check for yourself, I suggest you be sure to check and clear yourself of any negative polarity before you start, otherwise you might get false or innacurate results.

Negative rates and rates over 100.

“What are negative rates?” “How do you do rates over 100?” I’m not sure why this isn’t taught more, but these questions come up a lot and people sometimes have a hard time wrapping their heads around it. So, T. Galen Hieronymous created the two dial bank system, and the dials went 180 degrees around 0-100. ( I explain why a little later on). Later Don Mattioda decided to continue the numbers around the bottom half of the dial since the capacitors go all the way around and yet there were no numbers for the bottom half. Makes sense. (Yes, even on a standard 180 degre rate dial, you can continue to turn it along the bottom half and even though there is no label there, the capacitor is still setting the rate).  He continued the numbers from 101 to 199 and then back to zero. Makes sense. Later on down the road KRT came out with a different numbering system for the bottom half of the dial. You might say “Why? We already have a number system for that.” The reasoning behind this is that continuing on from 101 to 199  doesn’t accurately represent what is going on with the tuning capacitor. The plates forming the tuning capacitor go from totally unengaged at 0 to totally engaged at 100. The plates are asymetrical. When you go past 100 to what Mattioda calls 101 the plates are again at 99% engaged but in the opposite symmetry. 99 and (-99) look like a left hand and a right hand. Mirror images of each other. The reason for -99 instead of 101 is that there is no such thing as 101% engaged. After 100% engaged it goes back to 99% engeged but in the opposite symmetry. So 98, 99, 100, -99, -98. The number represents the % engaged and the symmetry. This system accurately represents what is going on with the tuning capacitor and the Mattioda system does not. So now there are two systems for the bottom half of the full dial rate banks. Some people teach one system, some the other. I learned the negative numbers when I started. Some people learn radionics but are not exposed to the full dial rate bank. They don’t know what a negative number is or what a number over 100 is. It is a little confusing to learn that there are two ways to represent one rate if it is on the lower half of the dial. To help illlustrate this, 150 on the Mattioda system is the same as (-50) on the KRT system, and 101 is the same as (-99). It is the same rate, just two different ways to describe it. Older instruments have one or the other systems. Now KRT and Lightning each put both systems on their rate dials for ease and convenience. In case you need to convert because you have an older instrument. For converting a Mattioda number (101 to 199) to a KRT number (-99) to (-1) you subtract the Mattioda number from 200 and put a negative sign in front of the difference. Example {200 – 150 = 50}  so -50 is the KRT  number. For converting a KRT number to a Mattioda number you add the KRT number (The negative numbers) to 200. Example  {200 + (-20)} = 200 – 20 = 180.  180 is the Mattioda number. Simple arithmetic. Now some people (On both sides of this) are annoyed that there is another system. They feel that we should abandon the system they don’t like and just keep one. That won’t work. We are stuck with two and that is the way it is. Griping about it helps no one and nothing. It’s a waste of time. Too many people use each system. Divisions in the radionic community are unhealthy for us all, especially for something petty like this. The manufacturers putting both systems on the instruments coupled with education is the only way. It really isn’t that big a deal. And now that this is all laid out and explained, it is time to mention that there is another number system on some old instruments no longer manufactured (I don’t know the name of that instruments manufacturer) that go from 100 to -1 instead of to -99 or 101. You hardly ever see these anymore. I mention this just in case someone finds one of these instruments in order to minimize confusion.

Adventures with auras and the subtle bodies.

I was listening to a conversation about the subtle bodies that make up the aura or (part of it anyway). It was largely about the Vedic 5 body system and the western 7 body system. I decided to scan rates for the 5 body system and compare it to the western system. I began researching both systems. I knew some about the western system, and wanted to clear up some of the messiness of what there is there. The Vedic system is pretty straight forward and terms and definitions are clear and consistant through the ages. The western system is another story. There are many different terms for the concepts, the same terms are applied to different bodies by different people. Older 19th and 20th century scholars often renamed things and made their own systems. Then the new age people began the spiritual buffet and started using terms willy nilly and interchangeably and made the mess far worse, often with incorrect understanding of what the bodies represent. It was an ugly mess. I only began to make progress when I stopped looking at the names of the bodies and looked at the descriptions of them. Patterns began to emerge and then some of what I learned about the Vedic system actually cleared some more things up for me. I also did some renaming for the bodies in the western system we use on the worksheets. My changes are more properly descriptive of what the different bodies represent. During all this also I came across the ancient Egyptian system and the Toltec system of old Mexico. I scanned some rates for them as well, even though I was already pretty tortured, I figured I may as well do it. Then I could compare 4 systems. Long story short, if you balance all of the bodies in one system, and then analyze the others, they will all be balanced. So whatever system you use, it is looking at the same thing. The different systems are just different labels and models for the reality of our energetic bodies. It took a while and it wasn’t fun sometimes, but I learned a lot by doing it. The new rates and information are on the Subtle/Auric Body worksheet on the resources page.

The good guys notice us too

My previous thought dealt with the concept of dark spirits and entities interfereing with you once they notice you and your energy work. But the flip side of that is when benevolent beings  take notice and help us. People talk about it casually if they speak of it at all. These beings also notice us and our work and help us. And, just like dispelling or clearing dark spirits, you can invite these spirits to help you. There are numerous ways to go about it, elaborate or simple. The help these beings give may not be readily noticeable. They work in their own way and time, not (usually) when and how we would like or expect. But the help is there nonetheless. If you pay attention, you will notice the subtleties of their aid. You probably already recieve it, and may not know. They can be a big help and inspiration. So don’t give into the fear of dark spirits coming for you. They can be dealt with. YOU DON’T NEED TO BE AFRAID, SO DON’T BE AFRAID. Don’t dwell on the idea. Remember that good and helpful beings are here too. Keep that in the back of your mind.

Dealing with Dark Spirits and Demonic entities

When dealing with these kinds of beings some things should be kept in mind. First, if you do radionic work, you will likely be tested by these spirits sooner or later. They will notice you and your work and move to interfere in some way. You must be aware of this. But DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THIS! It is one thing to be aware and take precautions. It is another to let fear control your actions. That is exactly what the dark spirits and demons want. For you to be afraid. That gives them sustenance and power over you. Don’t give it to them. You could get hit by a bus or some other accident when you leave your home. Do you let that scare you away from leaving the house?  Of course not. You have more power than you think, and they have less than you think. Then there is the actual clearing or exorcism or whatever you want to call it. Some say that you should let the spiritual beings take care of the spiritual. Ask the angels or other good spirits to stop the demons and take them away. The belief is that the spiritual realm is their territory and you are out of your element. Some also advise not to use an instrument to do clearings. I do not subscribe to this philosophy. I am not saying that it is wrong or bad to do it that way. It is fine and it works. I am just saying it isn’t the only way. There are methods and protocols that are proven and work where you can do the clearing yourself. We are spiritual beings as well as physical beings and we have more power than we realize. And, they are playing in our turf a bit when they are interfereing with us. The instrument acts as a firewall. It stands between you and the spirit. As long as the proper protocols are observed and proper procedures followed, it is safe and effective. I and many others have done it without incident. You do need to know what you are doing. Know your limits. If you encounter a being out of your league, call someone and get help, no matter what method you are using. Again, I am not saying that letting the spiritual deal with the spiritual is wrong, I am just saying it is not the only way to go about it. Use whatever method you are comfortable with. I personally do ask for help from angelic beings, but I ask for them to help me, not do it for me. The Lord helps those who help themselves.

Powered broadcast vs unpowered broadcast

A radionic instrument can be used either plugged into power, which uses a transformer to provide power to amplify the broadcast which therefore takes less time because it is more powerful. It is a useful way to broadcast. You can do more in less time. You can also use the instrument in a non powered mode by not plugging it in. In this way the broadcast takes longer but the instrument is not under the influence of an electromagnetic field from the amplifier circuit being plugged in. It is also true that more power is not always better. So is it better to do one or the other? Some people never plug their instruments in because they feel it is better to keep the instrument free of the EMF field. It certainly is good to not have the field present. Others say that the effect of the field is minimal and outweighed by the benefits of using an amplified broadcast. I don’t think one way is right or wrong, I usually have my instruments plugged in. Sometimes not. I have weighed the pros and cons of each and chosen to go with the power, but not exclusively. I shy away from dogmatic methods. Experiment with it and see what your experience tells you. Don’t do something just because you heard or read about it. On a side note, some people use timers plugged into the wall and the instrument plugged into the timer. They do this because the built in timers on the bigger instruments need the power to operate and the personal instrument has no timer. Please be aware that when the external timer shuts off, THE BROADCAST IS STILL GOING! The broadcast circuit is still operating. The external timer only shuts the power off so the instrument is operating in the non powered mode. Some people think that the external timer shuts off the broadcast. That is not true. It is still going, just at a reduced power level. The timers built into the instruments shut down the broadcast circuit, not the power.

Beliefs and reality

From the late 19th century to the mid 20th century, the holy grail of athletics was to run a 4 minute mile. Many trained and tried. Scientists began to say that the human body could not physically perform at that level. It was impossible, dangerous even, to do it. Athletes would occasionally make gains, but though they got closer, they couldn’t get there. They began to think the scientists were right. Some of those that did believe that it might be possible said it could only happen on a sunny day, 68 degrees, no wind, on a dry clay track, with a huge crowd cherring the runner onwards (yes they were actualy that specific). On May 6th 1954 in Oxford England, Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute barrier with a time of 3:59.4. He did it on a cold day on a wet track in front of a small crowd. After decades of striving for the elusive goal, it had been done. Just 46 days later, another athlete not only broke the 4 minute mile, but broke Bannisters time. A year later 3 of the runners in one race each broke the barrier. Today, thousands have done it, including high school students. This is illustrative of the power of belief. It was so hard to do that people thought it imposssible. They even formed theories about the human body being physically incapable of it as an explanation. All it took was somebody to do it, even barely, and then it became possible in peoples minds. Once it is possible in the mind, then it can (perhaps) be done. If you beleive it to be impossible, guess what? It will be impossible (for you).

Seinfeld and Radionics

So you are probably wondering what Seinfeld has to do with radionics. In all seriousness I was watching an interview with Jason Alexander who played George Costanza on the show, and has had advice for aspiring actors. And I thought that his advice was transferable to radionics. He basically said for aspiring actors to seek out writers, directors, producers, technical designers and such, get some kind of contact or relationship going. You have to make your opportunities. If you wait for opportunity to find you, you will end up watching calendar pages turn. Get involved and do what you can. You will get experience and you might meet someone who can give you an opportunity you can’t manufacture yourself. I thought this was good advice for beginning radionic practitioners or people who want to learn more about some aspect or to develop a skill. Maybe you want to learn about insect and pest control,  using gemstones, making reagents and programs, healing, water and soil detoxification, or maybe you want to build radionic devices. Find the people who are really doing that work and ask them about it. Read about it. Start doing it. There are good books out there and even some free pdf downloads. The first time I went to the Rapid City symposium nearly everyone speaking told the audience to call or email if they have questions. I took a couple up on that and so did others I know. These speakers always took the time to help, even though they didn’t know the people contacting them. And you aren’t limited to speakers, there are many other practitioners out there who are willing to help. This community is great about that. Everyone is willing to help others. When I wanted to learn about potentizing and making reagents and programs, I listened to presentations in Rapid City, I read what I could, I talked to the people who were doing the work at the high levels. Then I  just started to do it. Very much like the advice Jason Alexander was giving. I learned a lot and now am doing what I wanted to do. I am even selling them now, something I wasn’t envisioning at first. So, don’t wait to get involved and doing the work. Jump in and do it. Don’t be intimidated. If I can do it anyone can. Take charge of your education.  You can even write out and broadcast a statement of intent for the opportunity, or information, or people you want or need to come into your life to get you where you want to go. If you do these things, you might just be suprised as to how well it works.

Radionic Analysis

I have said before that I think the analysis aspect of radonics is at least as important as the broadcast aspect. Analysis takes time, but the benefits are worth it. Doing an extended analysis of a project,  situation, or subject can help in many ways. It can provide data for the current situation as well as for future situations. It can help target the broadcast, thereby making the broadcast more accurate or powerful. It is also one way to work your psychic “muscles” and improve your abilities. And the more time you spend doing analysis, or broadcasts, or potentizing, the better you will get at all three. The more you do, the more you learn. It is easy to forego doing a lot of analysis, just doing the minimum or a quick dowse, people are busy and nobody has as much time as they would like. The long term benefits are worth it though. It is a good habit to get into. You don’t have to do an hour or two of analysis for everything, but don’t shortchange yourself by never spending the time.

Reagent or Program?

Some people potentize a collection of rates and energies into, say, a test tube filled with sand and call it a reagent. Some call this same thing a program. Some use both terms interchangeably. I have been using the term reagent for this. I liked the term better than program even though I thought program was a good term as well. Lateley  I have been thinking about it and now I think the two terms are not exactly the same thing. A reagent is anything that you can add to a broadcast to enhance the effects of said broadcast. A sound, color, vitamin, herb, gemstone, prayer, book, symbol, word, photo, the list is nearly endless. This includes a test tube filled with potentized sand or whatever that is designed to help the broadcast be faster, more powerful, or better in whatever way or ways. But there are “reagents” that are designed more to manifest a particular circumstance, event, or outcome. This is not really aiding a broadcast as much as it IS a broadcast where the rates are all potentized into the substrate. After thinking about this and realizing the difference, I think that a radionic program is a different term from radionic reagent. A program could be used as a reagent in a broadcast possibly, dependng on what the program and broadcst were, but a reagent isn’t a program. For example, my own All Times reagent will not do anything by itself if placed in the well with a witness and the bank set to 0-100. It needs a broadcast of some kind to affect or enhance. However the Weather Normalizer will work by itself with a witness and a bank set to 0-100. So the Weather Normalizer is a program, All Times is a reagent. Some programs could be used as reagents, but reagents aren’t programs. My Spinal Balancer is a program, it can be used by itself, but if you set up a broadcast to heal some spine issue, this program could be used as a reagent for the broadcast. There is some overlap here. This is kind of a subtle difference but it is worth understanding I think. As I have said before, words mean things, so we should use them properly when possible. However, I am not going to make a big deal about the distinction between these two terms like I do between instrument and machine.

Machine vs Instrument

I know that everyone is probably tired of hearing me go on about this but I am going to do it anyway. Radionic instruments are just that, INSTRUMENTS, they are NOT machines. Think of them like musical instruments or a telescope. They require the interaction of a person to operate. They do nothing by themselves. They are kind of like a radio repeater station, amplifying and broadcasting a signal given to them. They do not do the work. The human mind does the work, they extend the abilities of the mind and provide the focus and power for a long duration. People do not have the ability to focus and provide power for extended periods of time. We lose our focus and get tired and worn out. The instrument expands our capabilities. We may have the potential to do these things but we are still evolving to that point. So calling it a machine is a misuse of words and meaning, (see my previous thought on words having power). If you are in the habit of saying machine, you are subtly reinforcing the thought, even subconciously, that the instrument is doing the work and you are separate from the process. This is incorrect. They say God is in the details. So lets get the details straight. Of coures they also say the Devil is in the details. In that case we should get the details right so maybe he will leave us alone.

Words have power, don’t be careless with them.

We have all heard the term words have power,  but are we taking this to heart? Words are an expression of thought. Thought creates reality. In fact speaking in addition to thinking adds power to the creative process (action is the other critical part of this equation). So if we speak carelessly we are carelessly creating. We have an effect on the world around us. When I spoke at the radionics conference last year I likened this to broadcasting the wrong rate for your purpose. Would you set your bank for 23-87 when you need to set it for 2-76? Of course not, it would have a different effect than what you intended, possibly harmful. If speaking is expressing thought, a creative process, then speaking is like broadcasting. Speaking without care is like setting your rate banks without care. You are setting forces in motion that you don’t really intend to. So it is important to use words correctly and to use the correct word for your purpose. I am not perfect at this, but I try to keep this in mind and be as good as I can about it. This is important for anyone, but for people in our line of work it is even more so.

Scalar Waves?

As a sort of companion to my previous thought, “When is a broadcast not a broadcast?” I want to discuss “scalar waves”. Strictly speaking, by the definition of physics or Tom Bearden, there actually is no such thing. There are fields that have a scalar potential. The term scalar basically means that the field/energy has no vector or direction of travel. It simply exists in space. It does not go anywhere. Bearden says it exists in the time domain not in space and as such it exisists across all time. What people call scalar waves are also called torsion fields or standing waves. So I think it is incorrect to think of a “broadcast” of “scalar waves” radiating out to the subject like radio waves. This ties in here pretty well to my prevous thought about broadcasts. The phase conjugate “wave” that classical physicists and Tom Bearden speak about in a scalar field is part of the standing wave field and does not “travel” any more than the rest of it. It is simply the manifestation of Newtons third law. If an action (broadcast) affects a subject then an equal forces is exerted back, ergo a standing wave. This may seem philosophical but I think distinctions like this are important. The better we understand this material, the better we will be at the work.

When is a broadcast not a broadcast?

In an earlier radionic thought I mentioned that I do not believe that “broadcast” is really an accurate term for what happens when we turn on the amp switch on our instruments.      My reasoning for this is the quantum mechanics principals of entanglement and non locality. Two particles once entangled maintain a connection such that when separated by any distance, if one particle is affected, the other is instantaneously affected in the same way. I emphasize, distance does not matter and it happens instantly. A witness is by definition entangled with a subject. Therefore the subject is affected instantly. We know for a fact that distance does not matter in radionics (nor does time for that matter). Now you might say that the effect of the broadcast does not always happen instantly, but we are affecting the subject energetically at the subatomic level, and the effect we are seeking can take some time to manifest at the macroscopic level. It takes a certain amount of energy to make the manifestation happen. This is therefore why I say it is not a broadcast. A broadcast moves through space and takes time. Even moving at light speed takes time. I think that early radionic practitioners , in an era where radio was newer and on peoples minds, tried to make sense of what was happening and did what people do, explained it in terms of what they already understood. We know more now than they did then, so our perspective is larger. I think that there are other things as well that radionic operators assume they understand, yet are incorrect. Some have called this the “mythology” of radionics. It is not a crime to learn something new at the expense of past beliefs. It is growth. People used to think that the sun revolved around the Earth. Eventually we learned more, our perspective grew larger and we understood why we thought that and accepted that we were wrong. I am  not calling for the radionic community to stop using the word broadcast. I do think that it is a good idea to understand what is or is not happening. It can only help us be better at this work. What do you think?

Radionics and magic

I have studied magic, mysticism, and occult science for 30 years, and when I first heard about radionics, how it works, what you are doing, my first thought was that this is working magic but using different tools and protocols. (Actually, some of the protocols are the same.) Some people, especially some religious people might take offence or disagree with this, but it is nonetheless true. If this is offensive to you, I do  not intend it to be that way. There are many different kinds of magic. Much of it is literally creating an intent, gathering energy to manifest and power the intent, and casting it out into the world to take effect. Some of it is working with various natural energies and forces such as wind, lightning, emotions, ley lines, sound, etc. Some is working with spirits and elementals. Still more is herbology and chemistry and alchemy. Religious rituals are magic as well. This is exactly what we do with radionics. We have an intent, the instrument provides the power, and we set up the broad”CAST”, and turn on the amp, casting the spell. Of course we often either work to modify weather, ley lines and such, we work balancing emotions, or use these energies as reagents. We banish dark spirits and ask friendly ones and elementals to aid our work. We also use plants and plant parts, and minerals or chemical substances as reagents or work to enhance plants, plant systems, or soil chemistry, and we potentize things into water or other substrates, including plants and minerals or other substances. Many people use a bible or a new testament as a reagent and it has been said that radionics is electronic prayer. This is fairly simplistic but you see my point. We are doing magic when we do radionics. No real difference. On a side note, don’t get confused or too caught up in terms like magic, witchcraft, witch, wizard, warlock, sorcerer, shaman, sorcery, spells, charms, enchantments, etc. These are all used from slightly to very differently in different groups of “magicians” or “witches” and have no strict universally accepted definition.  One last thing while I am at it, all that the word occult means is “hidden”, it has no specific tie to evil or black magic.

Broadcast Time

With the development of the Time’s Up reagent I have been thinking about broadcast time. There are some who adhere strictly to dowsing the time and shutting off the broadcast so as to not cause harm. Others say it is not so important and you won’t hurt anyone if you keep going. I (like many others) think that balancing a negative field can go  indefinitly and not harm the subject, but balancing a positive field can in some cases overbalance and potentially harm the subject if broadcast time is exceeded. But there is also the case of a statement of intent. I believe dowsed broadcast time in a case like this should be used, no more no less. There is something else to be considered here, though. In many cases exceeding the broadcast time or just broadcasting continually can be totally safe with no harm, but, you will find that if you adhere to the dowsed broadcast time you will have superior results. This can be seen by checking the broadcast intensity. The higher the intensity, the better the broadcast. I check the intensity as well as time of a broadcast. In fact I have seen many cases where the lowest broadcast time is not the highest intensity. The lowest time is not always best. I know I am running counter to conventional wisdom here, but this is what I have found. Check for yourself and see. (Checking for yourself is always a good idea, not just in this case). We are taught to use broadcast time as a gauge for the quality of the broadcast, lower is better. But I don’t think this is always true. I don’t mean this as disrespectful of those who taught us, I think we are allowed to learn and grow. Both as individuals and as the whole radionic community. We don’t need to throw out everything, but some of what we are taught is either not true or is slightly different than we think. And speaking of broadcast time, I believe broadcast is an inaccurate and inappropriate term. I don’t think it is a broadcast at all. But that’s another discussion.


During the course of developing the Quantum Light antenna, I began to research the nature of radionic antennas so I could have a basis of understanding so I could compare mine with others to see how it worked relative to the others. Antennas have several aspects or abilities in different areas. For example they have what I call a digital aspect, an analog aspect, a multidimensional aspect, a fractal aspect, and a temporal aspect, among others.

It has been said that the KRT Perfect Spiral antenna and the Cory Coil work well together. This is because they are complimentary. The KRT Perfect Spiral has a strong digital aspect or ability and a less robust analog ability. The Cory Coil has the opposite, a strong analog ability and a lesser digital aspect. They therefore compliment each other. By digital I mean linear, quantitative, measurable. By analog I mean non linear, qualitative, wholistic. The Perfect Spiral is digital, it sees the individual trees, not so much the forest. The Cory Coil is analog, it sees the forest as a whole, but not really the individual trees.

Comparing antennas by how much they lower broadcast time is valid, but not the only comparison that can or should be made. The lowering of broadcast time is based on all of the different aspects of the antenna together relative to the intent of the broadcast. Raw power is similar, it is valid but does not tell the whole story. In addition to broadcast time, you should look at broadcast intensity as well. Just because the broadcast time is lowest, it doesn’t mean that your broadcast is neccessarily the best it could be.

So if the Perfect Spiral is strongest in the digital aspect and the Cory Coil is strongest in the analog aspect, the Quantum Light is strongest in the temporal aspect. It works with time even better than the Cory Coil does. We all know that radionics can affect subjects in the past, this is because of the nature of scalar energy, not the antenna, but antennas can have effects when doing more specific things with time.                                                    One of the interesting things I learned during this is that you will have better results if you have three different kinds of antennas as opposed to three of one kind of antenna. Now you might be thinking that three Cory Coils would be better than any other combination of three, and you might get a lower broadcast time with three Coils, but as I said, broadcast time is not the only thing that is important here. I have all three kinds of antennas and have done experiments. A variety is better than three of any one kind.     All things considered, the Cory Coil is the most powerful, but as antennas have many different aspects, you should not look at it a simply as “Which one lowers the broadcast time the most?” There is more going on with antennas than we realize.

Quantum Dowsing.

I was recently watching a video where someone was explaining how quantum computers actually work. Unlike the chips in standard computers that can be either “on” or “off”, the chips in quantum computers can be in a potential state of  “on”, “off” or both. The chips are isolated in a near vacuum, held near absolute zero temperature, and shielded with a kind of Faraday cage in layers to keep out human conciousness. The chips have electricity induced in them by microwaves at specific frequencies, The chips are then “read” with microwaves to see what state the chip is in at a particular moment in time; on, off, or both. These chips are in a quantum state and when this measurment is taken, the waveform collapses and the position is noted but that state is then lost. Standard computers do things by what is called “brute force”, they go down the list of everything one at a time until they finish the calculation. Quantum chips look for the calculation that is most likely to show the desired result. Doing this is like reading tea leaves or chicken guts where the shaman would look at the tea leaves or blood which was in motion but now is a static picture, and see what that “snapshot had to say about the question at hand.

Each chip is a divining tool.

They are dowsing.

They say the calculations are unthinkably faster than normal computers. But each time they run one of these computers to get a result, it is  only 80% accurate, so they make mutiple runs for the same calculation set and compare the results. While it is fascinating that they are basically dowsing, it is also worth noting that they push conciousness out of the vacuum chamber, because it would alter the results. (Measurment or observation collapses the waveform of probability into reality). Dowsing without conciousness. But what happens to the conciousness? It is pushed out into the world. what effect does this have? Hard to say. I heard a less detailed description of this a while back. I did some dowsing to see if this might be true. I got a yes. I asked if the computers were putting out any sort of quantum energy or effect into the world, yes again. Was it in some way harmful or undesireable? Yes. Does it impact radionic broadcasts? Yes. I Built a reagent to sheild against this effect. That was tricky, but when I finally got it, I tested this theory. Just holding the reagent in my hand raises my GV. Putting it in the well with a broadcast lowers broadcast time and increases broadcast intensity. So it seems that there is indeed what I call “quantum pollution”  affecting us and our broadcasts. This is where my Quantum Shield reagent came from. I don’t talk about it much because it is pretty woo woo. But I do believe it works. Watching this new video and hearing this new information helped me get a better handle on this. I knew something was going on but not a lot of detail. The picture is  clearer now. Quantum dowsing though, THAT is interesting.

Dark Entities.

Recent events have brought this subject to mind. I am not one who thinks every problem in life is caused by these beings , or dark magicians or other such things. Yet these things are very real, and an attack or influence by dark spirits can take more forms than many people realize. They are NOT confined to scenes from The Exorcist. They can be subtle and sophisticated. During a recent encounter with one such being, my memory of the creature was blocked. I remembered the dark energy I was clearing from a room when the creature appeared, but not the creature itself. One week later I began to feel out of sorts. In the course of clearing negative energy around me I remembered the creature. A necklace I wear that should have stopped such things was not working. It was affected as well. The dark spirit had put the whammy on me and the necklace, and done it very quickly at that. There is a lot more to this story but the point is that you can be affected and not know. You can be affected in ways you had not thought about or heard about . These creatures are not always obvious or overt in their attacks or influences. They can be clever and tricky.  It is good to have others you can turn to. In my case it was a friend that said “Have you checked for dark energy or influences?” When I figured out what was going on, I asked two other people to take a look and see what they could find, and they also helped clear the effects. Some other unrelated problems were also uncovered.  Sometimes it is good to get a different perspective because you are too close. In my case, my dowsing and analysis was a little off. I needed an objective view from outside. In the end, this being was far more powerful than it originally appeared. It took a couple of days to completly clear it and all effects. It did not go easily, but was cloaked and very slippery the whole time. Very sly. Being afraid is the worst thing you can do in this case. Fear will NEVER help you. Stay calm, remember who you are. If you need to, ask for help.

I learned a lot from my experience, maybe you can learn something from this event too.

In phase and reverse (or inverse) phase potentizing and broadcasting.

This has come up a lot in the last year. From Rapid City 2017 to now. I have had many conversations about it and heard about many more. Basically people wonder when to use in phase and when to use reverse phase, what hapens if you use the wrong setting, and  some don’t even know that there is such a thing. Lets start with the basics.

Radionic instruments are built to broadcast in “reverse phase”. This is the “native state” of the instrument. It was decided decades ago that broadcasting in phase was too strong or harsh. Many people do not know that you can change the phase of the broadcast with a potentizer or replicator. This is not taught to beginners because it is confusing even to advanced practitioners. Potentizing an energy pattern into a substrate can be done in or reverse phase. In phase copies the pattern, reverse phase is the opposite so it is a cancellation pattern. A potentized remedy to boost a beneficial field is done in phase and a potentized remedy to eliminate a detrimental field is done in reverse phase.


One must always dowse to see if the phase is appropriate. Most of the time it is, once in a while it is backwards to what you would think it would be. Perform the potentizing in whatever phase the dowsing says. I know somebody with a story about a remedy for a sick cat that had to be backwards from what would normally be the case. Things are starting to get sticky here and only get worse. Suppose you create a reagent potentized into sand. The rates and things comprising the reagent are in phase. Do you broadcast the reagent in phase or reverse phase? If you broadcast in the wrong phase do you harm the subject?Which phase is the right or wrong phase? People get too caught up in trying to line up the “phases” so it works correctly.                                                                                              People are conditioned by our society to rely heavily on the linear/logical brain and mostly ignore the non-linear/wholistic brain. The work we do in this field of radionics and energy work does not lend itself to this kind of thinking. It is not linear or logical all the time. During one of these exchanges, it was pointed out that as radionic operators, sometimes we have to shut up and get our logical mind out of the way. As proof of this I offer 1: The story of the cat remedy that needed to in the opposite phase from what would normally be expected in order to heal the cat, and 2: The native state of the instrument, reverse phase.  All broadcasts are done reverse phase. Whether raising a beneficial field or lowering a detrimental one. That right there blows the logical/linear minds idea of what has to be in or reverse phase to be correct out of the water and sinks it forever. Intent is part of it but not the whole thing. The intent for the remedy was to help the cat and it still had to be backwards. Logical/linear thinking does not apply here. What we are dealing with is the “Elephant in the Dark”. several men were in a dark room feeling an elephant with their hands. One man says “An elephant is a tree, round and tall”. He was feeling the leg. Another said it was a rope after feeling the tail. Still another said “No, it is a snake!” when feling the trunk. The fourth man said “You are all wrong, an elephant is a leathery wall.” he was feeling the elephants side. None were lying, they all believed themselves to be “right”. But each only was experiencing a part of the elephant, not the whole thing. This is where we are in this work. we only understand a small fraction of what we are working with.  One day we will get to a point and say: “Oh! NOW I see why it works like that!”.  If you are going to broadcast a reagent in an instrument and you don’t know how to reverse the phase, it doesn’t matter. If the reagent is appropriate, dowse for time and turn on the amp. If you can put it in phase, dowse to see if putting it in phase is better. do what the stick says. Just because the stick says one phase is better, that does not mean the other phase will harm the subject. If using a  Replicator or Spark, the same applies. Dowse to see which is the appropriate setting. DON’T assume. DON’T get caught up in wondering what phase the reagent was made in so you can figure what phase to broadcast in. It doesn’t work like that. See examples 1 and 2 above as proof of this. Get out of your own way.

Several other people have helped me in one way or another, directly or indirectly,  to understand this. I was as confused as anyone else at first. I should also mention that you need a balance between the linear and non linear minds. You don’t want to be overly linear anymore than you want to be overly non-linear. Too linear and you are like a scientist obsessed with Newtonian mechanics, chemistry and reductionism. Too non linear and you are like a new age airhead floating off into the ether.

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2 thoughts on “Radionic Thoughts

  1. Would like to open an expanded discussion regarding ‘in phase’ ‘reverse phase’ principles and applications regarding radionics.


  2. While I am very new to all of this, your thoughts on “dogmatic” vs open thinking greatly resonate with me!

    My goal is to begin my efforts with Henry Ford’s advice, re: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” (Still need to continue work on my mindset, of course!)

    Your thoughts and experience have encouraged my hope in my belief that “MY” personal beliefs will support my results and experiences as I delve into this exciting field.


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